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Entangled Worlds Workshop

The aim of this workshop was to shed light on daily practices in multicultural societies, in the early modern Mediterranean and Atlantic worlds. Entangled Worlds was held at College Park on 8th and 9th April 2019, as part of the events hosted at The Nathan & Jeanette Miller Center for Historical Studies, at UMD.

Focusing on foodways, multilingual practices, and sexuality the two-days encounter was intended to generate a discussion on how identities are created and re-affirmed in areas with an elevated level of cultural intermingling. It is precisely in these plural spaces:

where one is most likely to encounter a stranger or foreigner […] often originated from afar and […] distinguished by language, physical appearance, dress, beliefs or practices, characteristics covered by the slippery modern terms ‘ethnicity’ of ‘cultural identity’.

Derek Keene, ‘Segregation, Zoning and Assimilation in Medieval Towns’

The workshop created a fruitful space of discussion in which MedRoute received its first feedback, starting from Professor Francesca Trivellato‘s thoughtful one. It was attended by scholars for US and Europe and it was concluded by a wonderful keynote on Maltese language of Professor Michael Cooperson. The opening reception was accompanied by the Mediterranean sounds of Trio Trela.

  • The visible foreigners of 17th century Malta
  • Final Reception
  • Final Reception
  • Final Reception
  • Professor Francesca Trivellato
  • Claudio Ferlan on drunkenness
  • Trio Trela musical event
  • Anny Gaul
  • Umberto Grassi
  • Professor Bernard Cooperman
  • Discussing during lunchtime
  • Professor Michael Cooperson
Download the Workshop Program here:

WEB_ Entangled Worlds Program 3.0